MediaTek, ITRI Claim Firsts in 5G Technology

Mediatek, itri claim firsts in 5g technology

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TAIPEI — MediaTek and Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) have developed a range of technologies that include what they say is the world’s first LWA (LTE / Wi-Fi Link Aggregation) prototype system in preparation for commercialization of 5G by 2020.The partners have developed LWA...

Foundry Market Getting Bigger Boost From China

Foundry market getting bigger boost from china

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SAN FRANCISCO — China-based fabless IC firms are expected to account for 19% of the global total of pure-play foundry sales in 2018, up from about 9% in 2016 and about 13% last year, according to market research firm IC Insights.Overall, IC Insights forecasts that the pure-play foundry market will b...

Chip Market Reaches New Heights

Chip market reaches new heights

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SAN FRANCISCO — Semiconductor sales grew on both an annual and month-to-month basis once again in August, as sales remained strong across all product categories and markets, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).The three-month average of chip sales in August grew to a record $40...

Industrial IoT Nets Blossom - LPWA nets rising, large deployments grow

Industrial iot nets blossom - lpwa nets rising, large deployments grow

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SAN JOSE, Calif. – A new survey shows significant growth in the industrial Internet of Things and rising competition among low power wide area (LPWA) networks. Its release coincides with an update of an industrial IoT framework and word of a new analysis of IoT protocols in the works. Nearly a ...

Is Semiconductor M&A Wave Dissipating?

Is semiconductor m&a wave dissipating?

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旧金山—过去三年来半导体行业整合的空前浪潮最终可能会放缓。还是它? 在今年第一个月宣布的主要交易中的总体停滞可能不过是并购狂潮恢复前的暂停。目前,围绕东芝公司半导体业务的猜测在不断加剧。据报道,东芝正在考虑剥离该业务。 IC Insights的高级市场研究分析师Rob Lineback在接受EE Times采访时说:“我还没有准备宣布收购浪潮。” “这有点像海洋,潮涨潮落。” IHS Markit嵌入式处理器首席分析师Tom Hackenberg也认为并购浪潮尚未结束。“我当然希望有更多的合并,”哈肯堡告诉《 EE Times》。 Still, the ...

Samsung Expects Strong Memory Sales in '17

Samsung expects strong memory sales in '17

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TAIPEI — Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of smartphones and the second-largest chipmaker, said it expects strong memory sales this year as the balance between supply and demand tightens. The company’s semiconductor business is likely to drive profit growth for Samsung despite its...

Toshiba Confirms Memory Chip Spinoff

Toshiba confirms memory chip spinoff

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TOKYO – At a press conference here Friday(Jan. 27), Toshiba Corp. formally announced that it is in the market to sell a chunk — less than 20 percent — of its memory chip business. Chief Executive Satoshi Tsunakawa explained why the sale is imperative. “In order to foster steady growth in the me...

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